Gerardo Munoz

Episode 61: “I Don’t Remember Anyone Asking Me”

Kevin and Gerardo sit down with three Denver-area high school students to get their take on Remote Learning in spring 2020. In all the discussions and meetings over remote learning in this time of COVIS-19, it is striking to us how little student voice has been a part of planning for this, perhaps the most significant moment since the advent of compulsory education. For all our talk about cultural responsiveness and student voice in schools, we have continued the trend of ignoring those values when it matters most, leaving our young leaders and scholars bewildered, lost, and losing confidence in their own role in schools. A warning: their words are convicting, and indict all of us.

Episode 60: #digitalequitywarrior #stopit

Kevin and Gerardo are back on a Sunday evening, discussing the important and persistent equity questions that have exacerbated since the shutdown of school buildings. We challenge those emerging #digitalequitywarriors who will invariably jump into the spotlight, though many have tuned out the equity conversation for years. We share our experiences, our fave digital teaching tools, and list our 4 no-skip albums. Shoutout to @JenntheTutor and @JessycaMathews for contributing to this episode!

Episode 59: Pump the Brakes

The boyz had some leftover MBs, so we decided to ask the hard question: Should we be doing this? Like, Remote Learning. Is this the best move for students, or is this the best move for the status quo? A number of intelligent people have sounded the alarm, that maybe this sprint to remote learning isn’t the correct move. Maybe it hurts our most vulnerable students more than it helps. What do you think? Listen and decide.

Episode 58: #TooDopeRemote

Kevin and Gerardo discuss week two of shelter in place in the city of Denver. They discuss uncertainty, equity, and opportunity as we navigate uncharted waters in education and in the world at large. Also, our first Instagram live show! Subscribe and listen today!

Episode 57: QUARANTINE

The boyz are back. Kinda. In a subdued episode on day 6 of the social distancing shutdown, they catch up, from separate houses, and muse about the present and future. Some good laughs! And some good questions. Plus the obligatory anti-45 rant.

Episode 56: Still Here.

We’re back. The winter is long, the mornings are dark, the cold still jumps up like a predator lying in wait, but there is hope! We are back, as if we ever left. We found inspiration through Black History Month, engaged with colleagues all over the country for Black Lives Matter’s Week of Action, and reflect on a difficult and taxing RiB process, and we have a big announcement! Gotta listen all the way through to hear it!

Episode 55: Bonus Episode! Women of Color in Historically White Women’s Colleges

Bonus Episode! Gerardo (minus Kevin, whose phone hates Gerardo) interviews two former students, Anpa’o and Sofia, powerful young women of color enrolled in Women’s colleges. The experience has been nuanced for both of them, while overall positive. On the one hand, the small discussion-based and familiar environment is empowering. On the other hand, most of these institutions are historically white-dominated, and women of color still experience ignorance and stereotype threat, as in other Historically White Institutions (HWIs). We laugh and reconnect, and this bonus episode is an opportunity for teachers to step back and see the big picture of our work with students and their communities.

Drop: Priya Vulchi and Winona Guo of Choose

Music: Kevin Adams

Episode 54: Brain Dump

Gerardo and Kevin are back after an unplanned hiatus. The dog days of the school year are here. It takes patience, resilience, and smart pacing, like in a race, to get through the winter. Students are feeling ground down, teachers using up a lot of energy, and anxieties brought about by budget cuts, leadership uncertainty, and a looming testing season, and it’s hard to be optimistic and positive. Especially when it’s still dark in the morning.

The boyz have had a lot on their minds. In Episode 54, they do a Brain Dump–anything and everything on their minds, from musical composition to the RIB process to leadership transitions to a lot of other random stuff. This episode is from the front lines, from the grass roots, and from the heart of teachers during the toughest part of the year. We make jokes and get serious, and celebrate RIB Spirit week. Keep it locked right here. No texting!

Episode 53: Civic Duty

Kevin and Gerardo sit down for the last episode of the decade! Kevin gets called to jury duty–and likes it! Gerardo feels bad, and as it turns out, engaging where we can leverage power is critical.

Episode 39: Introducing BHOOF Hip Hop Podcast!

The fellas are back this week to introduce Phillip and Omar, co-hosts of the BHOOF Hip Hop podcast, and 11th graders at the Denver Center for International Studies. These young fellas have a voice and a set of opinions, and discuss Hip Hop’s Drill movement. We discuss podcasting, violence in hip-hop, Chicago, and the Boxer Rebellion. Yes, you read that correctly. Listen today!