Month: April 2023

Throwback: Dr. Bettina Love and the Abolitionist Imperative in Education

You may remember the summer of 2020. We were caught in the grip of the initial months COVID-19 pandemic. A racial reckoning was beginning to materialize across the nation and, frankly, the world. When our guest that summer, Dr. Bettina Love, spoke with us at the NEA Racial & Social Justice Virtual Conference that year, she uttered the words “it is good to be here” and it was. We were surviving under constant threat of disease and violence.

Nearly three years have passed since this incredible conversation, and we wanted to revisit it. Dr. Love is a light of joyful tenacity in our work, and we look back and realize with greater appreciation, how much she got us all through it. Many of you have reached out to ask us for this episode, so please enjoy this throwback to a more bootleg time for us (audio much less cute than now), but this beautiful liminal space that we found ourselves with great minds and spirits.

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(Dr.) GLOVE(r) and Basketball and Student Voice with Dr. Erica Glover

Dr. Erica Glover is brilliant, and able to speak on most anything, from hoops to equity to student voice to hip hop! In this joyful and amazing conversation, we get Dr. Glover’s take on QUEENS Angel Reese and Caitlin Clarke, the weather, the origins of Disrupter University, and, most importantly, her new book, Centering Student Voice: A Guide for Cultivating Emotionally Intelligent Educators and Culturally Responsive Classrooms. Plus a top five rappers that is straight out the barbershop.

Dr. Glover is a servant of education, committed to equity, inclusion, and justice. Throughout her career in education, Dr. Glover has worked as an educator, administrator, and Human Resource/Diversity, equity and inclusion professional. 

As a former student-athlete and former professional basketball player, Dr. Glover realized that her passion to impact change was not limited to the basketball court. She remained committed to her community through the development of her non-profit, OKBNU, Inc. Through this non-profit, she was able to provide local youth with the opportunity to participate in AAU programs without the financial burden that deters many youth today.  

In 2017, Dr. Glover earned her doctorate degree in Urban Education, from Cleveland State University. With an emphasis on Policy and Planning, Dr. Glover has transferred her learning into reimagining the ways in which we socialize future teachers (current students and pre-service teachers), and in-service teachers. 

Today, Dr. Glover supports school districts and scholars through her organization, Disrupter University. Through this organization, she provides intercultural coaching for scholars and educators. She believes that advocacy is the key to liberation and peace, and develops training that allows others to see themselves in this work.  

Dr. Glover is also an author. She has just released her first book, Centering Student Voice: A Guide for Cultivating Emotionally Intelligent Educators and Culturally Responsive Classrooms.  

In her spare time, Dr. Glover enjoys reading, traveling, and spending time with family.

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