Month: December 2021


This episode was actually recorded about a week ago, but in the words of the mighty Yasiin Bey IT’LL COME OUT WHEN IT COME OUT AND IT’LL BE FIRE.

Peoples. We made it. We pushed, pulled, or dragged ourselves to the 21-22 school year’s midway point and at the very least we can (should) separate from all things work-related. We hope that this time gives you a chance to slow down and breathe in the joy and relief that comes from community and a new connection with self.

We open with a requiem to the Righteous and Brilliant bell hooks, who we lost just recently. We reflect on which of the hooks teachings that most impacted us, and pour one out for our fallen sister.

Then we reflect on what was, is, and could be the coming days, weeks, months as we keep hope alive.

We love y’all so much, and can’t wait to chop it up on the other side of ’21.

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Habitually Disruptive Episode 8: Luís Antezana of Juntos 2 College

A long time ago, I got a chance to connect with my friend Luis Antezana, former classroom teacher and founder of Juntos 2 College and DACA recipient. Born in Bolivia, Luis has long wanted to provide undocumented students with the resources for post-secondary life, not limited to college, but also in terms of financial literacy, planning, and entrepreneurship.

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Habitually Disruptive 07: Jodi Miller of WellCheq

The state of Colorado recently declared a youth mental health crisis that threatens the capacity of the healthcare system to take care of youth who are hurting. While this may be shocking to the general public, it is not shocking to public school teachers, who are often the first to learn that a young person is struggling with their mental health. This development is particularly not shocking to Jodi Miller, a doctoral candidate and former high school teacher who has developed WellCheq, a revolutionary way to monitor students’ mental health in a way that is safe, non-intrusive, and confidential way that simultaneously lends itself to professional support. Jodi, the soon-to-be Dr. Miller, observed the effects of stress on her students when she taught high school science, and decided to make this her doctoral and life’s work.

Plus possibly the greatest top five in the history of HD Top Fives.

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