Emergency Episode: And What Happens if I Get Sick?

We sit down with Bianca, Nathan, David, and Susan of the Austin Independent School district to discuss their district’s reopening plan and the high price of opening schools. They have learned that working remotely is NOT an option, yet they must provide remote AND in-person instruction starting in November. They have been told that living with a person who is immunocompromised is NOT sufficient reason to be allowed to work remotely. They have seen their sick days drained…because they taught remotely, and not in the building. They have been told that being absent from the building presents a hardship, even though their and other buildings in the district are barely occupied. At least one teacher is under threat of termination for refusing to teach in-person. All this after leadership told news cameras that they “would work with teachers.”

It is probably no surprise that these teachers serve an overwhelmingly BIPOC student population. Tune in to hear their stories and learn ways to support these courageous and beaten-down public school teachers.

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