Season Five Premiere!

The boyz are back to kick off Season Five of Too Dope Teachers and a Mic, Pandemic/Uprising edition! Join us as we blow off a lil steam, talk about the adventure of Remote Teaching, and bomb on School-o-lo-gy. Plus, the answer to the Twitter question of the day: could current Kev and Gera beat up 20-year-old Kev and Gera? The answers and more right here! Mind the volume, this episode is loud and rawkus, but we hope that we can speak to you in this wild and stress-inducing time. We’ll be aight, believe that!

1 comment on “Season Five Premiere!

  1. Emily Knight says:

    This was very affirming to listen to – agree with so much, on so many levels!

    a. Hoping there is analyzation of the in person grind – going to school from sun up to sun down – is this effective? Responsive? Or just abusive/guaranteed to wear everyone out.
    b. Janky Facebook aka Schoolology – hahahaha yes – a Tech support person actually told me once that the interface was designed to reflect the original FB layout so it would be familiar to navigate. Too bad they haven’t updated the layout to be more user friendly – you know, like how FB has reinvented their interface 100 times since this similar iteration??
    c. Let these LMSs work for us!!!! Make them compete!! Also – why use Schoology when we LIVE in Google…Google Classroom is way more user friendly and communicates with all docs, forms and sheets we have .net accounts for! Who is signing these contracts with these companies – and do they consider other partnerships that already exist?
    d. Having an entertaining/engaging/creative/humorous personality makes teaching online so much more effective…lucky to those who have that naturally. Would love to establish a vulnerability PD that empowers less naturally inclined teachers to tap into a more performative side – in a way that is still authentic.

    I could say more…but thanks for the affirmative/entertaining cast to listen to why troubleshooting Schoology issues for my team.

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