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Episode 59: Pump the Brakes

The boyz had some leftover MBs, so we decided to ask the hard question: Should we be doing this? Like, Remote Learning. Is this the best move for students, or is this the best move for the status quo? A number of intelligent people have sounded the alarm, that maybe this sprint to remote learning isn’t the correct move. Maybe it hurts our most vulnerable students more than it helps. What do you think? Listen and decide.

Episode 58: #TooDopeRemote

Kevin and Gerardo discuss week two of shelter in place in the city of Denver. They discuss uncertainty, equity, and opportunity as we navigate uncharted waters in education and in the world at large. Also, our first Instagram live show! Subscribe and listen today!

Episode 57: QUARANTINE

The boyz are back. Kinda. In a subdued episode on day 6 of the social distancing shutdown, they catch up, from separate houses, and muse about the present and future. Some good laughs! And some good questions. Plus the obligatory anti-45 rant.

Episode 56: Still Here.

We’re back. The winter is long, the mornings are dark, the cold still jumps up like a predator lying in wait, but there is hope! We are back, as if we ever left. We found inspiration through Black History Month, engaged with colleagues all over the country for Black Lives Matter’s Week of Action, and reflect on a difficult and taxing RiB process, and we have a big announcement! Gotta listen all the way through to hear it!