95. “Burnout is a Community Issue” The Case for Social/Emotional Support for Educators: A Roundtable

Do you find yourself weary of the “self-care” pronouncements made in education? How many Starbucks gift cards before I feel relaxed, positive and enthusiastic? How many baths before the grinding sense of defeat fades away and I can show up like a Hollywood movie teacher? If I practice mindful breathing until I hyperventilate, am I doing it wrong? And why do I feel uncontrollable hostility to people who work out every morning, and proceed to tell, like EVERYONE about it?

The fact is that self-care is only a small part of the issue of social and emotional wellness in education. We have attended professional development sessions, taken steps to address our students’ social and emotional needs, and some schools and districts have even stated that they will adopt SEL curriculum for the foreseeable future.

So why don’t educators feel any better?

In an illuminating roundtable discussion with the Center for Cognitive Diversity’s Emily Santiago, school leader Dr. David Gutierrez and doctoral student Paulina Whitehat, Gerardo seeks a deeper understanding of the social and emotional needs of teachers, and how school leaders may better create the conditions for true social and emotional wellness and support. By sharing their own research-based insights, experiences, and specific programs and practices, the panel delves deeply into a neglected and understated issue. With over 40% of teachers stating that they will depart the profession in 2021, this episode is a must-listen. Take the free dynamic empowerment assessment to identify your needs at https://www.centerforcognitivediversity.com/dynamic-empowerment.html and check out the incredible programming of the CCD at https://www.centerforcognitivediversity.com/.

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