112. Kevin Discovers #ChatGPT

Kevin forgot the podcast email password years ago. He texts Gerardo stuff to tweet. He has a vague notion that Instagram and Tik Tok might not be the same thing. He doesn\’t answer 67% of texts.

And yet, he is using #ChatGPT for lesson planning. Our good friend Angela Watson of 40 Hour Teacher Work Week fame has developed content around the same topic, although way better and detailed than we did, and our friend Donnie Piercey vanished into a #ChatGPT rabbit hole, periodically surfacing to make fun of Gerardo.

But, peoples, this isn\’t the act of a lazy teacher. Kevin and Gerardo discuss ways in which #ChatGPT may streamline the lesson planning process for teachers who are overwhelmed and stretched too thinly (this of course means ALL teachers). Kevin discusses how his framework for teaching is more personalized having used the AI. He is able to see exactly what it is that he does, reflect, and tweak. Gerardo muses about the way that #ChatGPT may support neurodivergent educators. He recalls being paralyzed by the instructional choices he had to make as a teacher, and how it caused him to spend too much time looking for materials, and wandering off track.

What do you think about #ChatGPT for lesson planning? Let us know!

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